Any style of makeup requested, I can do it. Bring along a picture of what you are after and I will replicate it whilst adding
a little of my own flair.

My style is
effortless glamour.
I will make sure
you walk down that
aisle flawless.

Do you have
somewhere special to be?
Want to look your best?

Come see me!

If you are looking to improve your skills or master some new techniques, book a workshop.

I'll come to you for a one
on one or get your ladies
together for a night of fun.



My name is Amy Kelly. I fell in love with makeup while watching my big sisters glamour up in the 80’s (Hello purple lipstick!!) Well, a lot has certainly changed since then, but makeup is still my first love.


My training started in 2011 with the Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy in Melbourne. A year of intensive study, learning from the best! Since then I have trained with and been inspired by the likes of Mia Connor, Holly Garvey, Rae Morris and Merton Muaremi. I value professionalism, and am flexible and responsive to all your makeup needs and wishes.


Creating an environment of warmth and familiarity leading into your big exciting event is a priority for me! – many of my testimonials say they feel they’ve known me forever; and the connections I get to build with clients are so rewarding.

I would so love to be able to work with you, too. Let’s make that gorgeous face of yours the best it’s ever been!



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